Splash Brothers’ highlights from the Team USA practice

Klay shows off his dressing and shooting skills.

Steph with the assist.


Gregg Popovich doesn’t care about your name

Gregg Popovich is all about championships and not about names.  He makes this pretty obvious during a camp held a few years ago.  I love Popp and you can’t say he isn’t polite and truthful.

Madden 15 glitch blows up players on the field

Madden 15 came out this past Tuesday and the game gave us the gift of the most epic Madden bug we have ever seen.  We all have heard of linemen getting blown up, but these players get thrown up in the air like a bomb went off.  Either some of these players are super hero’s or they have added land mines on the field.  My vote is to leave the game as is.




Mo’ne Davis breaks some ankles in this basketball video

Mo’ne Davis got all the attention at the Little League World Series this past month, but her true dream is to Ball for the UCONN Huskies.  A video has popped up of a 10 year old Davis breaking some kids ankles with a wicked cross over.   Hopefully, she achieves her goal and make it on to the Lady Huskies.  Btw, that kid that fell down should be ashamed. #ToughLove

Stephen Curry Montage Video

This is an amazing video of Stephen Curry and his pro career highlights.   This is longer than our normal video, but it goes by fast.   If you don’t get excited about basketball after watching this then you need to check your NBA fandom

Average Joes Music Pick of the Week – Zedd and Ariana Grande


As you have realized, Average Joe loves EDM music, and also loves girly pop music as well.  This week combines the two together.  The pick of the week is Ariana Grande and Zedd’s collaboration song “Break Free”   At first, Average Joe didn’t like this song, but then Average Joe saw the video and was won over.  Average Joe thinks it had something to do with rockets and and some zero gravity wardrobe changes.   After replaying this for awhile, the song just grows on you and takes you over and tells you this is awesome.  So enjoy



Jeremy Lin continues to terrorize his Mom

Our favorite Asian basketball player, Jeremy Lin continues to play practical jokes on his mother this off-season.  Today, he posted an epic Instagram of him and his brother’s slamming cake in the face of poor Mom.   Jeremy gets slapped the crap out of afterwards, but I’m sure she won’t be mad too long because she gets to brag to her friends that her kid is Jeremy Lin.   It’s also pretty awesome that Jeremy is still rocking the Warriors shorts.  

49ers planning to re-sod the field at Levi’s Stadium


Courtesy csnbayarea.com

After cutting their public training camp practice short on Wednesday due to poor field conditions, the 49ers are planning to re-sod their new Levi’s Stadium field before Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers.  Thanks to the video above from CSN Bay Area, we can see what the field looks like now and then.

Here are some basic things we found on the grass that is at Levi’s Stadium:

Grass type: Bermuda Bandera (Cynodon dactylon)

  • “A lawn grass favorite due to it’s texture and color” (Bermudagrass.com)
  • “One of the most popular of the warm season grasses” (Bermudagrass.com)
  • ” In winter, the grass becomes dormant and turns brown. Growth is promoted by full sun and retarded by full shade” (Wikipedia)
  • It has a deep root system, which is good for drought situations.

Here is a picture of the turf from about a month ago at the Open House:

levis turf