Iggy dances to Taylor Swifts Shake It Off

The refs last night missed a terrible travel call against Mike Conley of the Grizzlies. In celebration of this missed call Iggy decided to break off a dance to Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off in celebration Check out what might be the greatest Vine ever.


Warriors release new design for the stadium

The Warriors released a new drawing of the potential arena in San Francisco today. I think they heard the feedback that the top of the Arena looked like too much of a toilet bowl. Everyone can put their toilet bowl jokes away now……and break out the CD jokes. Doesn’t this new stadium looks like a CD discman now? Break out your Color Me Bad CD’s y’all. Hopefully they get an attractive design in soon or else, Joe Lacob will have to bust out his Bobby Brown CD and play “My Preogative” over and over again.

Kobe takes on the whole Kings team….literally

Kobe Bryant goes 1 vs 5 as he attempts a buzzer beater at the end of the first quarter in the Kings vs Lakers game last night. I wonder if Kobe is singing 2PAC’s It’s just me against the world in his head whenever he suits it up these days. The best part of this video is Carl Landry making an attempt around 30 feet away from Kobe inside the arc. That was James Harden esq.

Redemption Christian Academy’s (Mass.) Donte Williams destroys player in monster dunk

Redemption Christian Academy’s (Mass.) Donte Williams destroyed his opponent with this monster dunk.   Williams even had the time to touch his other hand on the rim after throwing down the dunk.   I think someone had to call the ambulance to pick this guy off the floor.

Nike might want to check Williams shoes as it looks like he was shot out of a cannon.  It must be the shoes, right?

Steph Curry with the shot boy….

Stephen Curry is chasing that MVP award this year. Yes I said it. The Magic were leading the Warriors late in the game on Tuesday and Curry had just missed his last 3 Three point attempts, but with clock winding down and the Dubs down two Steph knew he had the power to win the game and he did. With everyone in the arena expecting him to shoot a 3, Steph still manages to free himself with a ridiculous move and puts the nail in the coffin for another Warriors win.