SDSU Womens Golf team shows off their tricks….

The SDSU women’s golf team created one of the coolest golf trick videos. Check out the chops of these girls as they turn tricks…..


Jeremy Lamb really likes to handshake dance

Jeremy Lamb is kind of a first round bust in the NBA. But his handshake is at all-star levels. Lamb was caught doing an elaborate handshake dance during the OKC Thunder’s sideline report. I think this has to be featured on every game now.

Russell Westbrook doesn’t like to be left hanging

Russell Westbrook has been balling out this year, especially with KD on the mend for most of the season. I think he also wants credit for balling out too and doesn’t like to be left hanging. Russ seems pretty mad when someone pulls back his high five…kinda like one of the girls in the bachelor when they dont get 1:1 time with farmer Chris. C’mon guys, complete the high five!

Katy Perry halftime show….is that Shark on LSD?

Katy Perry put on an amazing show last night during the halftime of the Super Bowl. One of the coolest and trippest parts of the show was when dancing and sharks and beach balls came on to stage like an LSD trip. But apparently, it looks like one of the sharks might have been on LSD and he couldn’t perform a simple dance routine. Maybe, he was memorized by the assets that Katy Perry posses.