Anderson Varejao looks like a dancing puppet trying to guard the inbound pass versus San Antonio

Anderson Varejao was assigned to guard the inbounder last night at the end of the Cavs/Spurs game last night and showed off his Brazilian dancing skills. Well, he looked like Pinocchio with someone pulling strings on his arms and legs. Check out his smooth moves in this Vine video. Maybe we should start a kickstarter to free Varejao from his strings……and is Lebron Gepetto?


Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving celebrate a Cavs victory with an imaginary blunt…..real blunt may come later but uncomfirmed

The Cav’s haven’t been off to a hot start but they pulled out a win yesterday with Lebron James putting up a monster triple double last night. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving celebrated the win with a cool handshake that ended them doing the “puff, puff, give”. The new big 3 might have more talent but, not sure if they are as mature or as dedicated as Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Coach Lebron I mean Blatt probably is not pleased with this display of weed smoking, but i guess what NBA fan doesn’t believe they guys are smoking a J after the game. Cue the Snoop Dog.