Derek Jeter new Gatorade commercial is pretty damn cool

Derek Jeter is the man.  It’s hard for me to say this as he has gutted my favorite baseball teams over and over again for the past 15+ years.  This commercial has got to be one of the cooler tributes to the Captain and isn’t as cheesy as the tipping of the hat Nike commercial.  This is all about baseball, the Yankees, and New York.  Watch and enjoy.


Blake Griffin tries to slam everything….even poetry

Blake Griffin is known for this high flying ways and amazing dunks.  He’s also getting to be known for his hilarious commercials.  Here he is at it at again with a series of slam poetry commercials.  The only famous thing he doesn’t do in these commercials is flop. Each one of these should end with him just falling down and Zach Randolph laughing.