Guess what day it is? It’s the Warriors’ first regular season game!

The Golden State Warriors will play tonight at the Sacrament Kings to kick off their NBA season.  We are excited to see what the Splash Brothers and the rest of the team will bring.  It sounds like half of the Splash Brothers duo is gonna get paid soon!

We hope Klay Thompson keeps up how he was playing this preseason though!

Welcome back NBA.


Kobe Bryant gives Stephen Curry some respect after draining a three in his face

The Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers had a pre-season scrimmage yesterday in Ontario, CA.  The Warriors came out hot and were up around 30-40 points most of the game.  Kobe with new knee and all decided to pick up Stephen Curry full court to see what the greatest shooter ever had in him.  Steph managed to shed the old man and drain a 30 foot three in Kobe’s face.  Even the cocky Kobe Bryant had to respect that and gave Steph a tap on the ass.   I love how Steph didn’t even really respond….just kinda looked away like Acie Law “Thats how we do!”.

Guess what day it is? Don’t worry, some Warriors highlights will get you through it!

The NBA preseason has started and Klay Thompson led the Golden State Warriors to their first preseason win over the Los Angeles Clippers last night.  Klay definitely has some new swag going on after his stint with Team USA.  Check the 1:15 mark for Klay’s drive and throw down!  #WarriorsCrushWednesdays

He looked confident and comfortable last night, but part of the reason might be because his new flame was in the stands cheering him on.

Stephen Curry scored 12 points before fouling out with less than 8 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.  We know that Kerr wants Steph to step up more on D, but we hope that doesn’t affect his offense!  He was still able to show some moves in the limited time he played.

Even though this ended with a layup by Chris Paul, we can see how the preseason is definitely a time for the teams to work out their kinks here.