Lebron James’ hairline is magical…it can appear and disappear in a week!

A couple of weeks ago we had a post pointing out that Lebron’s hairline has miraculously recovered and he actually was pulling a Benjamin Button and reverse aging.  This week at Cavs practice his hairline is now back to what it was a few months ago.  Did his new hairplugs fall out already?

Maybe they have had huge improvements on fake hair replacement since Carlos Boozer’s attempt.

Let’s check next week to see how Lebron’s hair is doing.  When is Lebron’s hairline going to have its own twitter account?


Did Lebron James get hair plugs or is Rogaine working for him?

Did Lebron James get a new hairline for his return to Cleveland.  Lebron showed up to promote his new show this week for Nike and something was considerably different.  Either he has invested into Rogaine or he got hair plugs. Maybe she should just keep it real and shave his head like MJ did.  MJ wins again.

Old Hair        New Hair

          Old Hair                                      New Hair