Giants advance to the World Series so obviously Madison Bumgarner downs more beers

When the San Francisco Giants advanced past the Pittsburgh Pirates Madison Bumgarner aka MadBum downed 4 beers.  When they took out the Washington Nationals Madbum downed five beers.  Well, the Giants are on their way to the World Series again so of course Madbum is going to celebrate by downing SIX beers at once.  Stone Cold Steve Austin would be proud of him.  Can we get a HELL YEAH!


Madison Bumgarner breaks his own chugging record with five beers

Madison Bumgarner or Mad Bum sure likes to down beers.  After the wild card game he downed four beers at once.  Now that they are out of the NLDS he chugged 5.  If they win the World Series is he going to down a kegger?  I want to see this!

A’s secure a Wild Card birth…Josh Reddick decides to show the world his right nut

The Oakland Athletics secured a Wild Card birth into the AL playoffs on Sunday with a Vicotory over the Texas Rangers.

Then the celebration happened and Josh Reddick decided it was a good idea to show the world his nuts.  Classic A’s.  I hope this team gets it together and makes a run at it.  The world needs more guys like this in the national spot light.

Derek Jeter new Gatorade commercial is pretty damn cool

Derek Jeter is the man.  It’s hard for me to say this as he has gutted my favorite baseball teams over and over again for the past 15+ years.  This commercial has got to be one of the cooler tributes to the Captain and isn’t as cheesy as the tipping of the hat Nike commercial.  This is all about baseball, the Yankees, and New York.  Watch and enjoy.

Jeremy Lin continues to terrorize his Mom

Our favorite Asian basketball player, Jeremy Lin continues to play practical jokes on his mother this off-season.  Today, he posted an epic Instagram of him and his brother’s slamming cake in the face of poor Mom.   Jeremy gets slapped the crap out of afterwards, but I’m sure she won’t be mad too long because she gets to brag to her friends that her kid is Jeremy Lin.   It’s also pretty awesome that Jeremy is still rocking the Warriors shorts.