Average Joe’s Music Pick of the week Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding “Outside”

Calvin Harris + Ellie Goulding = Platinum.  This combo is pretty money and they aren’t a bad looking couple either, but too bad they aren’t a real couple.  Calvin Harris just recently broke it off with Rita Ora over rumors that she gets around like the digital underground.  He’s been drowning his sorrows by taking MULTIPLE girls home at once.   What a life.   So you say you want to be a DJ?   It sounds like everyone would want to be a DJ. Listen to this mastermind at work with his newest single OUTSIDE.  Pretty much saying..HAHA you are on the outside!


Average Joe’s Music pick of the week – Imagine Dragons – “Warriors”

Our resident blogger Patches has been watching this video over and over again in preparation for upcoming 2014-15 Warriors season.  This obviously has to be the new theme song for the team or else my name isn’t Average Joe…(looking around).   Anyways, Imagine Dragons is a kick ass band who everyone should love if you like music so enjoy the new song and learn it so Patches isn’t the only one singing it at Oracle.