Derrick Rose ties the game to go to 2OT with a 3 point floater

I heard him call bank! You heard it, right?


Anderson Varejao looks like a dancing puppet trying to guard the inbound pass versus San Antonio

Anderson Varejao was assigned to guard the inbounder last night at the end of the Cavs/Spurs game last night and showed off his Brazilian dancing skills. Well, he looked like Pinocchio with someone pulling strings on his arms and legs. Check out his smooth moves in this Vine video. Maybe we should start a kickstarter to free Varejao from his strings……and is Lebron Gepetto?

Greg Oden wears ironic shirt

Former #1 overall draft pick and modern Sam Bowie went to check out his alma mater Ohio St last night play some hoops. Oden almost broke the internet with a Nike shirt that said Basketball never stops (Sorry Kim, a naked booty isn’t the only thing that can break the internet) This is kind of like Bill Cosby wearing a shirt that says respect women or say no to drugs. Hopefully, Greg can find a job soon so we can make fun of him on the court and not off.

Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving celebrate a Cavs victory with an imaginary blunt…..real blunt may come later but uncomfirmed

The Cav’s haven’t been off to a hot start but they pulled out a win yesterday with Lebron James putting up a monster triple double last night. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving celebrated the win with a cool handshake that ended them doing the “puff, puff, give”. The new big 3 might have more talent but, not sure if they are as mature or as dedicated as Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Coach Lebron I mean Blatt probably is not pleased with this display of weed smoking, but i guess what NBA fan doesn’t believe they guys are smoking a J after the game. Cue the Snoop Dog.

Charles Barkley and Shaq audition for True Detective Season 3

If you’ve been keeping up with True Detective news, you know that Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell and a few other well known actors have already been cast in season 2.  What you might not have seen yet, is that they have already started auditioning for season 3!  Here we have part of the NBA on TNT team, Chuck and Shaq, auditioning for season 3, and it ain’t “terr-ble.”

Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard are still feuding

Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard showed last night that things are not okay between the two of them.  Ever since Dwight’s short (and not good) stint on the Lakers, and then his ditching them for the Rockets, Kobe and the Lakers must have been harboring bad feelings towards him.  Who wouldn’t though after all the effort they put into trying to get him to stay.

Thanks to Brobible for putting together these gifs so we can see the drama from last night’s game.  It’s gonna be fun to watch the Rockets and Lakers face off this year….and the Rockets and the Mavericks….and who knows who else Dwight and Harden will piss off before the end of the year.

Good comeback on that last one, Dwight.

New 3D projections will wow NBA crowds this season

These cool 3D projections will hit a few NBA arenas this year.  The Cavaliers are of course banking on all the money Lebron will bring and invested in this new 3D system, as well as a new giant scoreboard.  The Kings, headed by mogul Vivek Ranadive, would of course have the latest technology added to the arena, along with accepting bitcoins, and possible running a 4 on 5 defense (yikes!).  And I guess for Philly, they need something to help attract the fans if they are going to continue their “rebuilding,” and playing how they played last year.

Warriors held their Open Practice today, and the rookies showed off their vocal chords

The Warriors’ open practice concluded with their annual Rookie Talent Show!  Based on performance, Mitchell Watt and Aaron Craft should definitely make the team!

Here are also some of the past rookie performances:

Rookie Dance off with Jeremy Lin

Klay’s Rookie Performance

Steph’s Rookie Performance at Summer League