Alex Morgan has her bachelorette party and posts bikini pictures. All guys rush to the Internet

Females. #CountdownToCarrasco #AlexsGoneMIA

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Boo boo. #CountdownToCarrasco #AlexsGoneMIA

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Alex Morgan is one of our sport crushes at The Ocho and she recently had her bachelorette party in Mexico. Lucky for us, one of her friends posted some pictures so we can catch in on the fun and see what the soccer scoring beauty was doing while intoxicated with tequila. Nothing too crazy as the donkey show in these photos, but it’s always nice to see Ms Morgan in her bikini.


Cristiano Ronaldo looks lame in a Japanese Ad for Facial Toner

Cristiano Ronaldo is known as one of the greatest soccer players in the world and one of the best looking athletes in the world too……but that still doesn’t prevent bad life decisions and he looks  quite silly in this video clip.  I’m not sure if I would sponsor anything that I would put in my mouth and have to flop around and be happy about it afterwards.  Just saying….