The Splash Brothers combine for 35 against Mexico

Here are the 11 straight points the Steph scored in the third quarter on his way to a 20 point team high.  Curry and Klay were the top two scorers and hit 9 3-pointers in Team USA’s win over Mexico today.

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 More Steph.

And more Steph.




Splash Brothers’ highlights from the Team USA practice

Klay shows off his dressing and shooting skills.

Steph with the assist.

Splash Brother vs. Splash Brother

Today’s scrimmage at Team USA’s practice in Las Vegas pits Splash Brother against Splash Brother, as Stephen Curry strips the ball from Klay Thompson.

Steph balling out at Team USA tryouts in Las Vegas

All Warrior fans have seen Steph do this a few times last season (we’ll ignore the first man he beat was the BEARD aka worst defender in the NBA).   The tear drop over The Brow was pretty amazing as that guy has crazy length on his arms.  Should we start calling Steph Capt America?  Too soon?