Charles Barkley and Shaq audition for True Detective Season 3

If you’ve been keeping up with True Detective news, you know that Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell and a few other well known actors have already been cast in season 2.  What you might not have seen yet, is that they have already started auditioning for season 3!  Here we have part of the NBA on TNT team, Chuck and Shaq, auditioning for season 3, and it ain’t “terr-ble.”


The cast of The Wire is having the best (and worst) week ever on TV since The Wire was last on

HBO’s The Wire series began its run over 10 years ago, and lately, it seems as if you can’t turn on a show without seeing a member of its former cast.

Before we check in to see what everyone has been up to lately, here is a MUST WATCH of a preview of The Wire: The Musical.  Who knew this was out there??  I am so happy right now.

This week especially, we get to revisit many of our favorites and least-favorites from The Wire.  The most The Wire heavy cast just made a new addition this week.  AMC’s The Walking Dead brought D’Angelo Barksdale, and Cutty back to the small screen these last couple of years, and just this week added Lieutenant Carver as a priest who is possibly hiding something.  We were excited to see more former members of The Wire, and are secretly hoping they bring Bubbles on next, since he totally looks like he could fit in as a zombie.

We see Cutty go from a out of “The Game” boxer to the hammer wielding bad-ass, Tyreese, who could give Thor a run for his money.

We want D’Angelo to stay the same, as he still shows his sensitive side in The Walking Dead.  Don’t lose part of yourself D’Angelo!

We aren’t sure what Carver’s character is hiding and what his end game on The Walking Dead is, but hopefully he sticks around a while longer.

Jimmy McNulty is also making a comeback on Showtime’s new drama, The Affair.  He plays a family man in this new show, but we can definitely see there are still some signs of the old McNulty in him, as the show is called The Affair.

You can also find Major/Colonel/Acting Commissioner/(??) Rawls on The Affair, playing McNulty’s well-to-do father-in-law.  But his more notable role on TV right now for Rawls is playing Gotham’s own mafia kingpin Carmine Falcone on ABC’s new Batman prequel series Gotham.

We saw another cameo this week, made by none other than Avon Barksdale’s sister (aka D’Angelo’s mom!).  We see Brianna Barksdale play a teacher in this week’s Castle.  She has sure cleaned up her language and image!

Now, what else have the other members of The Wire been up to?

Stringer Bell has been up to a lot, including guarding the portal to Asgard, and being the voice to Shere Khan in the new Jungle Book.  Our favorite role of his though, was playing DCI John Luther in BBC’s crime drama Luther.  Coincidentally, Alice Morgan from the show, is now having “The Affair” with McNulty.

Omar has been making a name for himself on Boardwalk Empire, and definitely dressing very differently.

The game is the game, but Carcetti is playing a whole different game in King’s Landing now.

Orange is the New Black now has Nicki Sobotka going by the nickname Pornstache, and also gave Rhonda Pearlman some new counseling duties.  We also see that Detective Leander is set to make a debut in Season 3 of Orange.

The Bunk has been making his rounds, on Ray Donovan, and also as Rachel’s dad, Robert Zane, on Suits.  We miss the after hour shenanigans between the Bunk and McNulty!

Last but not least, who can forget Clay Davis?? Shiiiiiiiieeeet!  He’s been reprising his role as a fast-talking politician on Veep.