Retro Warriors Video Clip: Steph Curry blocks David Lee

Lets take a trip in the Delorean and go back in time. Here’s a video clip of David Lee on the Knicks and Steph Curry as a bright eyed rookied with the Dubs. Steph manages to stuff David lee down low, and Lee has something to say to Steph. Maybe he was telling him, “Hey, we are gonna be teammates and you are going to be amazing..thanks for blocking my shot!”. Probably not. Enjoy the Clip


Draymond Green gets his manhood taken from him by Andre Drummond

Not in @andredrummondd's paint! #USABMNT

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The staff at TheOcho loves how Draymond Green brings it every game, and it doesn’t hurt that he is on our beloved Warriors.  However, we all know Draymond is a hustle player and sometimes talent overrules hustle.   Watch this clip and you’ll know what we mean.  Still got to give big props to Draymond for trying to posterize Drummond.