Katy Perry halftime show….is that Shark on LSD?

Katy Perry put on an amazing show last night during the halftime of the Super Bowl. One of the coolest and trippest parts of the show was when dancing and sharks and beach balls came on to stage like an LSD trip. But apparently, it looks like one of the sharks might have been on LSD and he couldn’t perform a simple dance routine. Maybe, he was memorized by the assets that Katy Perry posses.


Anderson Varejao looks like a dancing puppet trying to guard the inbound pass versus San Antonio

Anderson Varejao was assigned to guard the inbounder last night at the end of the Cavs/Spurs game last night and showed off his Brazilian dancing skills. Well, he looked like Pinocchio with someone pulling strings on his arms and legs. Check out his smooth moves in this Vine video. Maybe we should start a kickstarter to free Varejao from his strings……and is Lebron Gepetto?