Target guy returns with NBA FINALS 2015 edition

A bro got super famous for filming clips of him dunking on his girlfriend.  Some people thought this was messed up (girls) and some thought this was awesome (bros).   I think the awesomes won out as he has come back with a NBA FINALS EDITION!

Check out this bro just dunking all over his girlfriend at Target. It’ll make you want to make a Target run tonight.


High School Posterization

I’m not sure who this High School kid is but this video should go viral pretty fast.  This dunk reminds me of the Vince Carter dunk in the olympics vs France.  Here is the video of that dunk below….just to remind you that this was the best dunk ever.

Steph shows some ups……and smarts

Steph showed off his bounce in the warmup line for Team USA.  The “Manimal” Kenneth Faried decided to show Steph what he got too by throwing a sick jam down…..Steph then realizes dunks are only worth 2 points and does what he does best.