Target guy returns with NBA FINALS 2015 edition

A bro got super famous for filming clips of him dunking on his girlfriend.  Some people thought this was messed up (girls) and some thought this was awesome (bros).   I think the awesomes won out as he has come back with a NBA FINALS EDITION!

Check out this bro just dunking all over his girlfriend at Target. It’ll make you want to make a Target run tonight.


Steph shows some ups……and smarts

Steph Curry (@wardell30) knows his limits lol @USAbasketball. #dunk #usab #hoopmixtape

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Steph showed off his bounce in the warmup line for Team USA.  The “Manimal” Kenneth Faried decided to show Steph what he got too by throwing a sick jam down…..Steph then realizes dunks are only worth 2 points and does what he does best.