Jeremy Lamb really likes to handshake dance

Jeremy Lamb is kind of a first round bust in the NBA. But his handshake is at all-star levels. Lamb was caught doing an elaborate handshake dance during the OKC Thunder’s sideline report. I think this has to be featured on every game now.


Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving celebrate a Cavs victory with an imaginary blunt…..real blunt may come later but uncomfirmed

The Cav’s haven’t been off to a hot start but they pulled out a win yesterday with Lebron James putting up a monster triple double last night. Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving celebrated the win with a cool handshake that ended them doing the “puff, puff, give”. The new big 3 might have more talent but, not sure if they are as mature or as dedicated as Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Coach Lebron I mean Blatt probably is not pleased with this display of weed smoking, but i guess what NBA fan doesn’t believe they guys are smoking a J after the game. Cue the Snoop Dog.