Katy Perry halftime show….is that Shark on LSD?

Katy Perry put on an amazing show last night during the halftime of the Super Bowl. One of the coolest and trippest parts of the show was when dancing and sharks and beach balls came on to stage like an LSD trip. But apparently, it looks like one of the sharks might have been on LSD and he couldn’t perform a simple dance routine. Maybe, he was memorized by the assets that Katy Perry posses.


MATCH POINT from 10/1 – 10/7 Katy Perry personality shines with the College Gameday Crew and other news

Katy Perry visits the guys on College Gameday

Source – Deadspin, Grantland

Katy Perry visited the ESPN College Gameday guys in Oxford, Mississippi for the college football game of the week featuring the Alabama Crimson Tide vs The Ole Miss Rebel. Why was Katy Perry there talking about college football? C’mon, do we really need an excuse to see more Katy Perry?

Samantha Ponder interviewing Katy Perry ESPN
The normal crew of Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, and Desmond Howard didn’t seem to mind the extra eye candy on site, even though she was wearing a pink rug as a sweater. If anyone has seen Katy Perry she is pretty quirky and she didn’t disappoint in this visit. For those who have not seen the show, the normal format is that they guys pick the most popular games of the week and then ask their special guests what their picks are regardless of their football knowledge. One of the first games that they boys decided to pick on was the TCU Horned Frogs vs the Oklahoma Sooners. Perry first asks if this is “The one with the Cocks in it,” and the guys quickly jump in to tell her it’s the other one. She proceeds to choose the Oklahoma Sooners as her pick and asked the Sooners’ QB Trevor Knight to call her so they can go on a date. She was prepared, and even had a prop to help her win over her QB crush!

Although, most guys probably would have been sweating and immediately trying to contact Katy to get a date, Trevor Knight probably just chuckled and looked lovingly at his girlfriend who is also pretty easy on the eyes.

After the guys and Katy picked a few more games, it came time for them to pick the Alabama vs Ole Miss game. The “experts” all picked Alabama, but because Katy is a crowd pleaser, she picked the Ole Miss Rebels to the delight of the crowd. Other props that Katy decided to use were a large Pencil for Lee Corso, and a plate full of corn dogs which she threw at the camera crew.

As you probably know, the Ole Miss Rebels upset the Alabama Crimson Tide making Katy the true expert on the show. So how would you celebrate out-picking the experts? Why downing beers on top of a bar and then crowd surfing!

How can you not love this women! Here is a Youtube clip of her entire visit:

Your next Victoria’s Secret angel is…..Kendall Jenner?

Source – Intouch Weekly

Kendall Jenner is reportedly being courted to be the next Victoria’s Secret Angel. She has been making the rounds this week in Paris hanging out with the Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and her sister Kim Kardashian. Is Victoria’s Secret this desperate to make a splash? Usually people see Victoria’s Secret as the brand that is making stars and not the brand taking on a super tabloid-ready girls as one of their models. Do they really need the extra attention? Almost every girl and guy will watch their special on prime time over and over and over again. Do they really need the Kardashian name behind them? Can you see Kanye rapping on the stage and uncomfortably checking out Kendall and then Kim rushing the stage…oh wait…this might be amazing. OK, lets hope this happens.

Is Derek Jeter following in George Clooney’s footsteps and getting married?

Source – TMZ

Derek Jeter played his last baseball game last week and we all know that his accomplishments on and off the field have been historic. There were rumors that Derek Jeter might be tying the knot in a massive Long Island blow out. Other sources believe it’s just Jeter being Jeter and having a massive party for his retirement. I think it’d be pretty awesome if Jeter realized his playing days correlated with his off the field success and just dropped the mic and retired his bachelorhood along with his bat and glove. Also, it’s kind of interesting that he might do this a couple of weeks after George Clooney got hitched. Is this kind of like the thing where celebrities die in threes? This time it’s just three major bachelors might end their bachelorhood? Who’s next Dan Bilzerian?

Kevin Durant has a new girlfriend and she is a hottie

Source – Terezowens

Kevin Durant’s new girl – TerezOwens.com
The rumor mill is saying that Rachel A. DeMita is Kevin Durant’s new arm candy. I did a quick google search on her and she is currently the NBA2KTV host/producer. Surprise, surprise her first guest of the season is Kevin Durant himself. I don’t think we will be invited to the after show. Rachel DeMita also looks like she played a little roundball at Old Dominon University in her college days. Kevin Durant made semi-headlines last year by abruptly ending his engagement with Minnesota Lynx player Monica Wright. She infamously hinted that Jay-Z and ROCNATION sports had negatively influenced some of his lifestyle choices. Rachel looks like a fun, nice girl. Have a fun, nice time KD!