Katy Perry halftime show….is that Shark on LSD?

Katy Perry put on an amazing show last night during the halftime of the Super Bowl. One of the coolest and trippest parts of the show was when dancing and sharks and beach balls came on to stage like an LSD trip. But apparently, it looks like one of the sharks might have been on LSD and he couldn’t perform a simple dance routine. Maybe, he was memorized by the assets that Katy Perry posses.


2015 Sharks v. Kings Stadium Series to be played at Levi’s Stadium

sharks header

The San Jose Sharks will play the Los Angeles Kings at Levi’s Stadium on February 21, 2015 at 7pm PST.  This will be part of the 2015 NHL Stadium Series.  Tickets go on sale to season ticket holders Thursday, August 7 at 10am.