The week in Gossip 9/16-9/23

1 – Dwight Howard loses his license for running too many red lights.

source – TMZ Dwight Howard red lights

Dwight Howard seems to not be good at taking criticism as he received not 1, not 2, not 3….wait that’s the wrong team…but TEN red light violations.  Maybe Kobe was right and he is a sensitive dude and doesn’t want to listen to anyone.   Isn’t it strange that it takes TEN red light violations for you to lose your license?   I was happy to hear that he lost his license after the tenth violation, until I saw that a $285 fee can get you behind the wheel again.   Who can’t afford a $285 fine to get your license back?  Isn’t that fine missing some zeroes at the end?  Shouldn’t one red light violation be more than $285?  There are so many questions to be asked.  Can we get Ponch and Jon from C.H.I.P.S to help answer these questions?   Anyways, lighten up that foot Dwight or else….well…..or else you lose another $285 bucks…..

2 – Dennis Rodman heads over to talk to ISIS?!?!

source – Terez Owens Denis Rodman and ISIS

Dennis Rodman decided this week it was a good idea to head out of the U.S. this week.  Normally, I would be all for this but, Mr. Rodman has decided to take on the role as chief peace negotiator for the U.S. or world?   At what point will Mr. Rodman figure out that we don’t want him to represent us on any good will trips  Also, the last time he left town to make peace happened last year in N. Korea.  I don’t see Barack Obama and Kim Jong-Un huddled around the campfire roasting marsh mellows and talking about how swell a guy Dennis is.   Secretly, I think Rodman might have a death wish and want to go out in a big bang.  For his sake, I hope he doesn’t find these leaders because the next time we see him, it might be on on a video with him losing his head…..literally.   Here is the youtube video of him talking about his trip.

3 – The IPhone 6 came out and people will do anything to get their hands on one

Source – Mail Online IPhone Chinese guy offers his gf

The IPhone 6 released last week and people are going to extreme lengths to get their hands on one.   For example,  a man in China has offered his girlfriend up in exchange for an IPhone 6.  If you can read chinese here is the picture.

This sign does’t say “Hi Guys, I wish I was John Cho!” It pretty much says I’m a highly immoral dude who has a slutty girlfriend with low self-esteem who is willing to hangout with you for an IPhone.

The first thing you must be thinking is, this guys girlfriend must be a dog.   Well in fact she is not.  She is actually not ugly at all….but she might want to learn how to cross her legs.

Before you pass judgement on this guy for putting his girlfriend out like that.  She agreed that this was ok and he said no funny business.  Just over the clothes stuff….just kidding.  This is China guys…and for those who been to China you know what I mean.

The Fappening has returned!  All guys rejoice and stay in for the night to surf the web.

Source – Poch Times The Fappening

The Fappening has returned?  What is that you may ask?   If you have lived in a non-TMZ world then you might be thinking this is some kind of environmental event.  Well, it kind of is because the world shook after the first Fappening.  This is the release of more nude photos on 4chan of celebrities doing naughty things.   This batch of photos included names such as Jennifer Lawrence (how many nude selfies you gonna take girl?), Kim Kardashian ( who hasn’t seen this girl naked), Hope Solo (suprised she didn’t have male parts), Gabrielle Union (I liked the Dwayne Wade & Gabby Union phone case), Megan Good (praise the lord), Aubrey Plaza, Kate Bosworth (she is still a celebrity?  Where has she been?)  and on and on and on.   I know you are expecting us to show you some photos or link you to them, but we are broke and can’t afford the lawsuits, so be a real Internet pervert and find them yourselves.  On a side topic,  when did this site 4chan become so popular.  I’ve never heard of this site until the blessed poster showed us these stars photos.  Also, how long is this dude going to go to jail for?  His whole life?  Will he get high fived and treated like a king in jail for providing these pictures to us?   Also, who thought Bar Rafael was so freaky?  Did Leo do that to her?   I need answers……especially about on the last two questions.

Remember Astro from X-Factor?   He is now on FOX’s new show Red Band Society

Source –

Astro’s promo picture for Red Band Society

Fox premiered their super-hyped Red Band Society last week, about a group of kids living in a pediatric ward.   It features the kid from Private Practice, the kid from Prom, and if you haven’t place him yet…the kid who disrespected Simon.  The show looks okay so far, but it looks to be trying really hard to set up for some tear-jerking episodes.  I am just not sure if I want to see Astro every week yet.

Until next week Ocho-ers….and I’m not sure if there are Ocho Ocho-ers…one can only dream!