MATCH POINT from 10/1 – 10/7 Katy Perry personality shines with the College Gameday Crew and other news

Katy Perry visits the guys on College Gameday

Source – Deadspin, Grantland

Katy Perry visited the ESPN College Gameday guys in Oxford, Mississippi for the college football game of the week featuring the Alabama Crimson Tide vs The Ole Miss Rebel. Why was Katy Perry there talking about college football? C’mon, do we really need an excuse to see more Katy Perry?

Samantha Ponder interviewing Katy Perry ESPN
The normal crew of Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso, and Desmond Howard didn’t seem to mind the extra eye candy on site, even though she was wearing a pink rug as a sweater. If anyone has seen Katy Perry she is pretty quirky and she didn’t disappoint in this visit. For those who have not seen the show, the normal format is that they guys pick the most popular games of the week and then ask their special guests what their picks are regardless of their football knowledge. One of the first games that they boys decided to pick on was the TCU Horned Frogs vs the Oklahoma Sooners. Perry first asks if this is “The one with the Cocks in it,” and the guys quickly jump in to tell her it’s the other one. She proceeds to choose the Oklahoma Sooners as her pick and asked the Sooners’ QB Trevor Knight to call her so they can go on a date. She was prepared, and even had a prop to help her win over her QB crush!

Although, most guys probably would have been sweating and immediately trying to contact Katy to get a date, Trevor Knight probably just chuckled and looked lovingly at his girlfriend who is also pretty easy on the eyes.

After the guys and Katy picked a few more games, it came time for them to pick the Alabama vs Ole Miss game. The “experts” all picked Alabama, but because Katy is a crowd pleaser, she picked the Ole Miss Rebels to the delight of the crowd. Other props that Katy decided to use were a large Pencil for Lee Corso, and a plate full of corn dogs which she threw at the camera crew.

As you probably know, the Ole Miss Rebels upset the Alabama Crimson Tide making Katy the true expert on the show. So how would you celebrate out-picking the experts? Why downing beers on top of a bar and then crowd surfing!

How can you not love this women! Here is a Youtube clip of her entire visit:

Your next Victoria’s Secret angel is…..Kendall Jenner?

Source – Intouch Weekly

Kendall Jenner is reportedly being courted to be the next Victoria’s Secret Angel. She has been making the rounds this week in Paris hanging out with the Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and her sister Kim Kardashian. Is Victoria’s Secret this desperate to make a splash? Usually people see Victoria’s Secret as the brand that is making stars and not the brand taking on a super tabloid-ready girls as one of their models. Do they really need the extra attention? Almost every girl and guy will watch their special on prime time over and over and over again. Do they really need the Kardashian name behind them? Can you see Kanye rapping on the stage and uncomfortably checking out Kendall and then Kim rushing the stage…oh wait…this might be amazing. OK, lets hope this happens.

Is Derek Jeter following in George Clooney’s footsteps and getting married?

Source – TMZ

Derek Jeter played his last baseball game last week and we all know that his accomplishments on and off the field have been historic. There were rumors that Derek Jeter might be tying the knot in a massive Long Island blow out. Other sources believe it’s just Jeter being Jeter and having a massive party for his retirement. I think it’d be pretty awesome if Jeter realized his playing days correlated with his off the field success and just dropped the mic and retired his bachelorhood along with his bat and glove. Also, it’s kind of interesting that he might do this a couple of weeks after George Clooney got hitched. Is this kind of like the thing where celebrities die in threes? This time it’s just three major bachelors might end their bachelorhood? Who’s next Dan Bilzerian?

Kevin Durant has a new girlfriend and she is a hottie

Source – Terezowens

Kevin Durant’s new girl –
The rumor mill is saying that Rachel A. DeMita is Kevin Durant’s new arm candy. I did a quick google search on her and she is currently the NBA2KTV host/producer. Surprise, surprise her first guest of the season is Kevin Durant himself. I don’t think we will be invited to the after show. Rachel DeMita also looks like she played a little roundball at Old Dominon University in her college days. Kevin Durant made semi-headlines last year by abruptly ending his engagement with Minnesota Lynx player Monica Wright. She infamously hinted that Jay-Z and ROCNATION sports had negatively influenced some of his lifestyle choices. Rachel looks like a fun, nice girl. Have a fun, nice time KD!


This week in gossip 9/24 – 10/1

Justin Bieber’s/Orlando Bloom’s exes take an awkward picture together

source  – Brobible Justin and Orlando’s girls take a photo together

The definition of awkward is an emotional state of intense discomfort with oneself.  If you look at this picture and look to the right at Selena Gomez she looks like fulfills this definition.  Still not convinced what awkward might look like?  Let us look to the left of the picture at Miranda Kerr, doesn’t her face scream awkward?  So what is the look on the face of the middle girl?  That is called clueless.  Apparently, Israeli actress Odeya Rush has no idea that these two girls have shared two men or she is extremely smart and knew the Internet would blow up with this picture.   If you are like Odeya Rush and have no idea what I’m talking about Justin Bieber got into a fight this past summer with Orlando Bloom over the Bieb’s alleged hook-up with Bloom’s ex-wife, super model Miranda Kerr.   Earlier in the year, Gomez was spotted with Bloom and they were also rumored to have hooked up as well.  Orlando Bloom apparently is into revenge hookups and has also hooked up with the ex-wife of the old billionaire who Miranda Kerr was dating the past year.  Nothing like revenge sex, right?  Is that enough drama for your mama?

Taylor Swift trolls the internet with a hilarious shirt

Source – Us Weekly Taylor Swift trolls internet

When you first look at this picture of Taylor Swift, you probably are checking out the long legs and short skirt, but as you make your way up, you will notice that her shirt has an interesting message stating, “No, its Becky”.   Who is Becky you may ask?  Earlier this year, there was a posting of an old picture showing a very familiar pretty teen wearing a tiara, saying that she had snorted cocaine and died instantly.  As this was a well placed Nancy Regan, “Don’t do drugs!” campaign on Tumblr and probably scared  the willies out of some young tiara wearing teenagers, the blogger should have made sure the photo they chose wasn’t someone who was uber famous. Here is the photo they posted with comments: Taylor kind of comes off as a little stuck up sometimes with her extremely high dating standards and putting her exes on blast in her songs, but this shirt is classic and I love when celebs can poke fun at being a celebrity.  It’s good to see that she doesn’t take herself super serious, because if this was J. Lo there have been law suits sent out…not t-shirts printed.  Also, Taylor probably could sell this at her next concert and make a million bucks.

Amanda Bynes is smoking blunts, paying people to do her HW, and driving poorly again….maybe she should have been casted in Mean Girls

Source BroBible – Amanda Bynes is raging again

When we first met Amanda Bynes, she was this cute. girl next doorish role model on Nickelodeon.  As she started to grow up she seemed like a normal girl who was becoming a teen idol  with a great sense of humor and could even be destined to be a great comedic actresses.  Then the hollywood machine did what it does to child stars and she kinda went kind of Brittney Spear crazy on us. Twitter was her tool to let us know she was starting to lose it and how can we tell it was?  She use twitter to tell us that she was hooking up with random stars.   Then she let us know when you go black you don’t go back.  After that, she openly courted Drake…..AGGRESSIVELY and UNCOMFORTABLY.   She started to dress funny (not funny slutty) and take ugly Selfies.  In fact, I’m pretty sure the rate of teenage girls taking selfies dropped because Amanda looked so scary.  Then her family got the court system involved and got her help so she wouldn’t end up on E! Hollywood true stories.    Last week, her parents decided to let her move across town in LA and well, that wasn’t a good idea.  It looks like She is back to her Jay and Silent Bob ways and smoking blunts, saying dumb things and causing destruction everywhere she goes.   She picked up her 2nd DUI yesterday and I’m actually surprised it’s only her second DUI and seems to be down the path of disaster again.   Hopefully she doesn’t end up wearing hideous makeup and fake wigs again. I don’t think the female teenage girls in this day in age can handle more bad selfies.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino  gets smashed by the IRS

Source – Yahoo! The IRS tells The Situation they aren’t DTF

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, known for his fist pumping  on MTV’s “Jersey Shore,”  was indicted for allegedly not paying taxes on close to $9 million in income.  The income was made mostly through the two companies, MPS Entertainment and Situation Nation, that he controlled along with his brother Marc.  This indictment might inspire The Situation to bring new meaning to his daily GTL routine.  Working on his taxes instead of his tan would probably be better for his health as well as his finances.  I do like that his company’s name is Situation Nation, although when I looked up what exactly that company was, I found it listed as one of 17 Most Embarrassing Failed Celebrity Clothing Lines.  According to his Instagram, I guess he is just trying to become older and wiser. Some more fortune cookie philosophy was posted by “Sitch”.  I think he’s got the first part down.

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To be

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David Hasselhoff is in a new movie and Justin Bieber is the new voice of KITT?

Source  – Yahoo! Bieber is the new voice of kitt

The Hoff is a Belieber! I can’t say I’m surprised, but casting Justin Bieber as the voice of the iconic KITT has all OG Knight Rider fans screaming, “NOOO!” The choice is rather ironic considering all the issues the Biebs has had with motor vehicles lately with his DUI and ATV incident.  It’s okay Hoff, you’re still the man!  As much as I’m dreading this new KITT, I still want to see what the Hoff is up to in this new cinematic comedy since everything he is in is solid gold!  Grab a Hoff Burger and enjoy a classic moment from the Hoff himself.

South Park takes on the Silicon Valley and NFL owners

source – Mercury News South Park takes on Silicon Valley and NFL Owners

The South Park guys took on the NFL in their season premiere and even went all the dot com owners who are in the league. It doesn’t get much worse when you have Trey and Matt going after you with their animation antics.   Check out the South Park gang on Comedy Central for some LOL’s.

George Clooney finally ties the knot in Italy

source – People Magazine George Clooney finally ties the knot The most eligible bachelor in the world (Sorry Derek Jeter) finally tied the knot over the weekend in Venice, Italy to Amal Alamuddin.  Amal is beautiful, but how she managed to make Clooney settle down is still under investigation by the C.I.A.  Clooney was super protective about pictures being taken at the wedding he had extreme preventative measure taken.  He secured his friends cell phones and issued them new ones that could be digitally tracked if any photo they took hit the web.  I think he must have learned that trick from Danny Ocean in Ocean’s 11.  Now the real fun begins, how long will this marriage last? I’m taking bets.  Just kidding.  I hope George and Amal have a long lasting relationship full of baby George’s and Amal’s running around trying to save the world. That’s this week’s recap!  Hope for more juicy stores to come out next week!

The week in Gossip 9/16-9/23

1 – Dwight Howard loses his license for running too many red lights.

source – TMZ Dwight Howard red lights

Dwight Howard seems to not be good at taking criticism as he received not 1, not 2, not 3….wait that’s the wrong team…but TEN red light violations.  Maybe Kobe was right and he is a sensitive dude and doesn’t want to listen to anyone.   Isn’t it strange that it takes TEN red light violations for you to lose your license?   I was happy to hear that he lost his license after the tenth violation, until I saw that a $285 fee can get you behind the wheel again.   Who can’t afford a $285 fine to get your license back?  Isn’t that fine missing some zeroes at the end?  Shouldn’t one red light violation be more than $285?  There are so many questions to be asked.  Can we get Ponch and Jon from C.H.I.P.S to help answer these questions?   Anyways, lighten up that foot Dwight or else….well…..or else you lose another $285 bucks…..

2 – Dennis Rodman heads over to talk to ISIS?!?!

source – Terez Owens Denis Rodman and ISIS

Dennis Rodman decided this week it was a good idea to head out of the U.S. this week.  Normally, I would be all for this but, Mr. Rodman has decided to take on the role as chief peace negotiator for the U.S. or world?   At what point will Mr. Rodman figure out that we don’t want him to represent us on any good will trips  Also, the last time he left town to make peace happened last year in N. Korea.  I don’t see Barack Obama and Kim Jong-Un huddled around the campfire roasting marsh mellows and talking about how swell a guy Dennis is.   Secretly, I think Rodman might have a death wish and want to go out in a big bang.  For his sake, I hope he doesn’t find these leaders because the next time we see him, it might be on on a video with him losing his head…..literally.   Here is the youtube video of him talking about his trip.

3 – The IPhone 6 came out and people will do anything to get their hands on one

Source – Mail Online IPhone Chinese guy offers his gf

The IPhone 6 released last week and people are going to extreme lengths to get their hands on one.   For example,  a man in China has offered his girlfriend up in exchange for an IPhone 6.  If you can read chinese here is the picture.

This sign does’t say “Hi Guys, I wish I was John Cho!” It pretty much says I’m a highly immoral dude who has a slutty girlfriend with low self-esteem who is willing to hangout with you for an IPhone.

The first thing you must be thinking is, this guys girlfriend must be a dog.   Well in fact she is not.  She is actually not ugly at all….but she might want to learn how to cross her legs.

Before you pass judgement on this guy for putting his girlfriend out like that.  She agreed that this was ok and he said no funny business.  Just over the clothes stuff….just kidding.  This is China guys…and for those who been to China you know what I mean.

The Fappening has returned!  All guys rejoice and stay in for the night to surf the web.

Source – Poch Times The Fappening

The Fappening has returned?  What is that you may ask?   If you have lived in a non-TMZ world then you might be thinking this is some kind of environmental event.  Well, it kind of is because the world shook after the first Fappening.  This is the release of more nude photos on 4chan of celebrities doing naughty things.   This batch of photos included names such as Jennifer Lawrence (how many nude selfies you gonna take girl?), Kim Kardashian ( who hasn’t seen this girl naked), Hope Solo (suprised she didn’t have male parts), Gabrielle Union (I liked the Dwayne Wade & Gabby Union phone case), Megan Good (praise the lord), Aubrey Plaza, Kate Bosworth (she is still a celebrity?  Where has she been?)  and on and on and on.   I know you are expecting us to show you some photos or link you to them, but we are broke and can’t afford the lawsuits, so be a real Internet pervert and find them yourselves.  On a side topic,  when did this site 4chan become so popular.  I’ve never heard of this site until the blessed poster showed us these stars photos.  Also, how long is this dude going to go to jail for?  His whole life?  Will he get high fived and treated like a king in jail for providing these pictures to us?   Also, who thought Bar Rafael was so freaky?  Did Leo do that to her?   I need answers……especially about on the last two questions.

Remember Astro from X-Factor?   He is now on FOX’s new show Red Band Society

Source –

Astro’s promo picture for Red Band Society

Fox premiered their super-hyped Red Band Society last week, about a group of kids living in a pediatric ward.   It features the kid from Private Practice, the kid from Prom, and if you haven’t place him yet…the kid who disrespected Simon.  The show looks okay so far, but it looks to be trying really hard to set up for some tear-jerking episodes.  I am just not sure if I want to see Astro every week yet.

Until next week Ocho-ers….and I’m not sure if there are Ocho Ocho-ers…one can only dream!