Retro Warriors Video Clip: Steph Curry blocks David Lee

Lets take a trip in the Delorean and go back in time. Here’s a video clip of David Lee on the Knicks and Steph Curry as a bright eyed rookied with the Dubs. Steph manages to stuff David lee down low, and Lee has something to say to Steph. Maybe he was telling him, “Hey, we are gonna be teammates and you are going to be amazing..thanks for blocking my shot!”. Probably not. Enjoy the Clip


ey & Peele: East West Bowl 3: Pro Edition – Super Bowl Special Premieres Friday 10/9c

Key & Peele: East West Bowl 3: Pro Edition has come out and its pretty hilarious like the past versions. This round actually has real NFL players that have funny names included into the CLIP. I wouldn’t want to make fun of these people in real life..because that could be the end of your life, but this is good youtube viewing

Girls are Pervs too!

Girls are always complaing about how guys are too pervy. Well this bro went on a subway and enhanced his package to prove that girls would check out his package as well. Check out this hilarious video of girls taking peeks at this dudes fake junk

Golden State Warriors debut Chinese New Year jersey’s

The Warriors are having a great season and their marketing team is trying to keep up with the team on the court. Yesterday, Harrison Barnes modeled the new Warriors Chinese New Year jersey the Warriors will rock on the Chinese NYE game. Of course, most Chinese people will try to buy a knock off in China, but still pretty awesome.

The Warriors bring back a new celebration dance for the airplane ride

Everyone was missing the Golden State Warriors partying on the plane since the COCO song was banned. Now They have chosen Wiz Khalifa as their new after game partying song. Check out the boys partying after an amazing win in Utah.

Don’t want to fight traffic to the College Football National Championship? Uber Helicopter it!

How much is your time worth to get to AT&T aka Cowboys stadium tonight for the big game. Well, if you don’t want to sit in traffic, Uber can hook you up! For a measly $350 you can get helicoptered into the Stadium, but you will have rough it and take a car back out. Life is tough, ya know?
Here are the rules:

If anyone takes this service, drop us a line and we’d love to hear about it….from our twenty followers.

Draymond Green throws Grapes at Seahawks fans

Draymond Green attended the NFC divisional round playoff game between the Seahawks and Panthers on Saturday. Some fans seemed to be getting on Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry and Draymond stepped up and threw grapes at the rowdy fans. Draymond has taken his bodyguard role seriously on and off the court. He might need to get his own bodyguard soon as he might win the most improved player award this year.