Target guy returns with NBA FINALS 2015 edition

A bro got super famous for filming clips of him dunking on his girlfriend.  Some people thought this was messed up (girls) and some thought this was awesome (bros).   I think the awesomes won out as he has come back with a NBA FINALS EDITION!

Check out this bro just dunking all over his girlfriend at Target. It’ll make you want to make a Target run tonight.


ey & Peele: East West Bowl 3: Pro Edition – Super Bowl Special Premieres Friday 10/9c

Key & Peele: East West Bowl 3: Pro Edition has come out and its pretty hilarious like the past versions. This round actually has real NFL players that have funny names included into the CLIP. I wouldn’t want to make fun of these people in real life..because that could be the end of your life, but this is good youtube viewing