Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard are still feuding

Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard showed last night that things are not okay between the two of them.  Ever since Dwight’s short (and not good) stint on the Lakers, and then his ditching them for the Rockets, Kobe and the Lakers must have been harboring bad feelings towards him.  Who wouldn’t though after all the effort they put into trying to get him to stay.

Thanks to Brobible for putting together these gifs so we can see the drama from last night’s game.  It’s gonna be fun to watch the Rockets and Lakers face off this year….and the Rockets and the Mavericks….and who knows who else Dwight and Harden will piss off before the end of the year.

Good comeback on that last one, Dwight.


Guess what day it is? It’s the Warriors’ first regular season game!

The Golden State Warriors will play tonight at the Sacrament Kings to kick off their NBA season.  We are excited to see what the Splash Brothers and the rest of the team will bring.  It sounds like half of the Splash Brothers duo is gonna get paid soon!

We hope Klay Thompson keeps up how he was playing this preseason though!

Welcome back NBA.

New 3D projections will wow NBA crowds this season

These cool 3D projections will hit a few NBA arenas this year.  The Cavaliers are of course banking on all the money Lebron will bring and invested in this new 3D system, as well as a new giant scoreboard.  The Kings, headed by mogul Vivek Ranadive, would of course have the latest technology added to the arena, along with accepting bitcoins, and possible running a 4 on 5 defense (yikes!).  And I guess for Philly, they need something to help attract the fans if they are going to continue their “rebuilding,” and playing how they played last year.

Marshawn Lynch: Bad attitude? Bad aim.

Marshawn Lynch has been the center of the latest rumors about the Seattle Seahawks.  Supposedly, his bad attitude might cost him his spot on the team next year.  We suggest he keep his day job, as his attempt at amateur boxing did not end well.  When asked about his Lamborghini being “protected” by velvet ropes, he took a swing.  What happened after was hilarious.  Check out the full video of Marshawn’s swing and miss here.

Marshawn Lynch velvet ropes - fieldgulls.com


Warriors held their Open Practice today, and the rookies showed off their vocal chords

The Warriors’ open practice concluded with their annual Rookie Talent Show!  Based on performance, Mitchell Watt and Aaron Craft should definitely make the team!

Here are also some of the past rookie performances:

Rookie Dance off with Jeremy Lin

Klay’s Rookie Performance

Steph’s Rookie Performance at Summer League


New trend for NBA shorts?

Will Chris Douglas-Roberts undo everything Jalen Rose and the Fab Five brought to sporting wear?  Grantland’s Half-Baked Ideas podcast a while back mentioned that the NBA is one of the only professional sports whose athletes wear baggy clothes, which actually hinders a player’s speed and movement.  They suggested some sort of bodysuit for NBA players to wear to aid in their mobility.  We aren’t saying that this new fitted bodysuit will actually come to fruition Chris Douglas-Roberts might be trying to bring short NBA shorts back in style.


Atlanta Hawk try to relate to the black community in commercial and its comical

The Atlanta Hawks were caught in a racial firestorm this past summer when GM Danny Ferry’s racially insensitive scouting report was released to the public.   So naturally, what does a white upper management do to repair its image?  Hire T.I., of course!  Watch Atlanta G.M. “Stevie K” get way too amped up about  in a promotional video to get fans to come out to opening out.  He even throws out a “Fo Shizzle” to T.I.’s amazement.  I have a feeling that a history class 20 years from now or maybe even John Oliver might be replaying this and commenting how absurd this commercial is.   Can this C.E.O. be any more non relatable to black people?   Well, I guess you have to give him props but trying….or at least get some LOL’s watching him try.

Average Joe’s Music Pick of the week Calvin Harris featuring Ellie Goulding “Outside”

Calvin Harris + Ellie Goulding = Platinum.  This combo is pretty money and they aren’t a bad looking couple either, but too bad they aren’t a real couple.  Calvin Harris just recently broke it off with Rita Ora over rumors that she gets around like the digital underground.  He’s been drowning his sorrows by taking MULTIPLE girls home at once.   What a life.   So you say you want to be a DJ?   It sounds like everyone would want to be a DJ. Listen to this mastermind at work with his newest single OUTSIDE.  Pretty much saying..HAHA you are on the outside!