A-Rod is doing weird stretches while getting a lead

What is A-Rod doing during this game?  It seems like he doesn’t even know the game has started when he takes his lead off first base.   Is he doing his P90X exercises?  Knees higher!  Is he thinking about Torrie Wilson’s suplex moves?  No one will really know…….but A-Rod is weird.


Girls are Pervs too!

Girls are always complaing about how guys are too pervy. Well this bro went on a subway and enhanced his package to prove that girls would check out his package as well. Check out this hilarious video of girls taking peeks at this dudes fake junk

Steph Curry with the shot boy….

Stephen Curry is chasing that MVP award this year. Yes I said it. The Magic were leading the Warriors late in the game on Tuesday and Curry had just missed his last 3 Three point attempts, but with clock winding down and the Dubs down two Steph knew he had the power to win the game and he did. With everyone in the arena expecting him to shoot a 3, Steph still manages to free himself with a ridiculous move and puts the nail in the coffin for another Warriors win.

Tony Romo calls out the mike linebacker but the linebacker denies

Tony Romo has denied many girls in his day such as Jessica Simpson, Sophia Bush,  and Carrie Underwood, but Jameel McClain can say that he denied Tony Romo this past Sunday.  When Romo was calling out the Mike linebacker during one of the scoring drives for the Cowboys, he points at McClain.  McClain then denies him and says “I’m not the MIKE!” Got to love the technology these days

Bill Simmons gets suspended for 3 weeks for saying what we were all thinking

Bill Simmons got suspended from ESPN/Grantland duties for three weeks for basically saying what everyone was thinking.  Roger Goodell is a liar.  Who still believes that Goodell didn’t see or didn’t know about the second video before he handed down the 2 game suspension for Ray Rice.  Anyone who has their hands up…I got this bridge I want to sell you.   Bill might have pushed the limit a bit when he dared ESPN execs to suspend him.  All was actually quiet for a day or so until the folks at yahoo! sports strategically picked up the story and posted it on their site forcing ESPN’s hand.  Bill will be back in time for the NBA season.  ESPN isn’t stupid.  They aren’t going to fire the man who created Grantland and 30 for 30 on speaking the truth.